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EN, Interview Laia Palau : « I like playing against France…as late as possible in the tournament, if possible! »

She is one of the biggest icons in Spanish basketball, as well as one of the most emblematic playmakers in women’s EuroLeague, setting a record of 1000 assists in the competition this year. She had decided that the Rio Olympics would be her last international competition but finally, after some reflection, Laia Palau will make one […]

EN, Interview Miranda Ayim : « We are taking over France, one Canadian player at a time ! »

Miranda Ayim, the Canadian forward currently playing for French club Basket Landes, is not the type to draw attention to herself, but Parlons Basket Féminin couldn’t resist asking her a few questions, given that she’s surely one of the most intriguing and articulate players currently taking part in the French league. So, one day before […]

FR, Interview Nevena Jovanović : « J’ai l’impression que je fais partie de l’équipe depuis le début de la saison »

Bonne shooteuse et agressive au cercle, cette arrière de 26 ans est un pur produit du Basket Serbe. Elle a décidé il y a quelques semaines de rejoindre Basket-Landes, club particulièrement handicapé par les blessures… Elle revient avec nous sur son choix, et son été à Rio. See English language version.

EN, Interview Nevena Jovanović : « I feel like I’ve been a part of this team since the beginning of the season »

A gifted shooter who can also drive to the hoop, 26-year-old guard Nevena Jovanovic is a pure product of Serbian basketball. She decided a few weeks ago to join Basket Landes, following a disastrous spate of injuries at the club…She kindly took the time to talk to us about her decision to come to France as well […]

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